Verifone MX 870 Terminal
  OMNI  3200
This terminals sleek, compact design minimizes clutter & saves counter space.

The Omni 3200 terminal has an integrated thermal printer that is exceptionally quiet and fast, producing receipts and reports at 12.5 lines per second.

This Verifone credit card processing machine scanner has a triple-track card reader that supports all magnetic-striped cards, including new drivers licenses.

The Verfione Omni 3200 credit card processing terminal equipment swiper supports credit and debit card processing, EBT, and electronic check transactions, and can be upgraded to handle smart card payments.
The Verifone Omni 3740 / 3750 credit card processing terminal equipment system gives you the choice to process credit card sales over a standard telephone line or for faster transactions you can IP process using your High Speed Internet DSL Connection through a broadband router. This point of sale credit card machine will accept payments through VOIP phone systems.

The Verifone Omni 3740 / 3750 has a compact design with a fast thermal printer. This makes the credit card machine easy to install and keeps your countertop from getting cluttered. The Verifone Omni has storage capabilities of up to 12 merchant accounts on one terminal. Setup a merchant account to accept credit cards with Total Merchant Services and get a free Verifone Omni credit card processing machine for your retail or restaurant business.
Verifone credit card processing machine equipment reader systems are leaders in the secure terminal electronic payment technologies. Verifone terminals enable electronic payment transactions at the point of sale. Verifone is one of the leading electronic payment solution brands and is one of the largest providers of electronic payment systems worldwide.The Verifone brand has a strong global reputation for quality, reliability and data security. Financial institutions, payment processors and merchants trust Verifone solutions to handle critical financial transactions in a secure and user-friendly operating environment.

Verifone Credit Card Processing Terminal Reader Machine
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OMNI 3740/3750

VOIP Enabled
Phone Line
point of sale credit card processing POS machine terminal equipment systems for a restaurant, retail, bar, liquor store, salon, hospitality, pizza place, kiosk, supermarket and grocery business.
You can use your PC computer or touchscreen pos hardware equipment solution for inventory management business software as well as credit card processing with PC Charge payment gateway. VeriFone’s PC Charge pro payment server gateway makes it simple for any business to support any computer or touchscreen point of sale equipment system pos product to accept credit cards. The Windows based application offers intuitive menu screens with action buttons that guide you step-by-step through the point of sale process and can easily integrate with your inventory control management system. This cc software will integrate with your pos credit card processing hardware.

PC Charge gateway will integrate with most software solution products for your business.

MX Series
Verifone MX 830 - MX 850 - MX 860 - MX 880
The MX Series has a familiar intuitive interface and tactile keypad for private PIN debit entry. A PCI PED approved payment system, it helps retailers reach out to consumers with timely, targeted branding and promotional messages on its extremely high resolution display. It is the most versatile, economical and durable performer that stands up to heavy use. The MX series securely handles transactions in seconds, while also delivering a dazzling array of brand reinforcement, cross-promotional messages while securely processing payments in every kind of retail situation.

The MX Series also offers an optional scratch resistant touch screen and reliable signature capture capability to streamline transactions, plus field replaceable modules, expansion slots and a USB port to allow for contactless and smart card payments or other capabilities as new technologies emerge this equipment will easily integrate with any touch screen point of sale system or multi lane pos equipment hardware and software that your business uses for its credit card processing services.
Verifone MX Series

MX 870
The MX 870 merges full-motion video, a 65,000 color display, high quality digital sound and highly secure payments capabilities into a single, easy-to-use system.

Going well beyond standard PIN pad technology, the PCI PED approved MX 870 meets stringent security requirements for the payment industry while enabling retailers to express their brand, reinforce advertising or deliver cross-promotions right to their customers at the point-of-sale. That means users can now complete transactions at the highest and most reliable level possible, while optimizing their time in front of the MX 870.

In addition to supporting payments and merchandising, the complete MX 800 Series can support programs like loyalty enrollments, price checkers, instant credit, product locators, gift card loading, contracts and more. Verfione MX 870 credit card processing terminal.
Verifone MX 870
PC Charge Secure Payment Gateway
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