The Roampay adapter is a payment jack credit card processing swiper terminal reader equipment solution for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry, Droid or Android smart phone that enables it to be a POS system. The Roampay point of sale swiper device allows you to accept all major credit card payments anywhere your business goes through your cell phone. Roam Pay is a secure payment gateway that will authorize your cellular credit card processing transactions through a smart phone application and credit card reader.

Total Merchant Services will give your business a Free Roam Pay credit card processing swiper device for your iPhone, Android, Droid or Blackberry smart phone when you setup a merchant services account with our company. Call us today and get information on accepting credit card payments through your smart phone or tablet with Roam Pay.
ROAMpay Smart Phone Credit Card Processing Reader Swiper
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Toll-Free : 1.866.295.0009
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iPad iPhone Android Blackberry Credit Card Processing Reader Device
Qualified Discount Rate : 1.29 %
Per Transaction Fee : .25 cents
Monthly Gateway Fee : $ 10.00

Roam Pay Credit Card Swiper Device : FREE
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