CR 1000 I
Check Readers & Check Imagers
Verifone Check Imager
The Verifone CR 1000i check imager offers provides an easy and efficient way to take advantage of the wide-ranging benefits of check conversion and check imaging at the point of sale hardware (POS). 

With the Verifone CR 1000i, you can quickly and conveniently convert paper checks into secure electronic documents. This greatly reducing the costs associated with handling, processing and collecting checks. And the Verifone CR 1000i can be cost-effectively integrated into virtually any retail environment.
When a customer is at a store making a purchase and decides to pay by check. The clerk asks you for a check that is completely filled out. The clerk then runs the check through a machine and hands the voided check back to the customer with a receipt. This is the check acceptance process called electronic check conversion guarantee with a check imager.
This MagTek Check Imager has all the functionability and compatibility as the Verifone CR 1000i check imager.  It can connect to a Hypercom T4100 or a Omni 3740 / 3750. Not only can it process checks through a regular analog phone line. It is also capable of processing through a high-speed ethernet connection. You can now Securely process your checks through your internet connection. The Mag-Tek Check Imager will guarantee your personal checks and upload an image of the check as it converts the sales amount to your bank account just like a credit or debit card transaction. This wave of the future check acceptance is called Electronic Check Conversion.
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Check Readers and Check Imagers are the future of accepting checks at your business. A check reader will read the MICR numbers on the bottom of a check and guarantee the funds from that transaction. A check imager will do the same thing but it also has the capability of uploading the image of a personal checks to your bank account and dispersing the funds to your account without you having to physically deposit the check. Check conversion funds are deposited within 24 - 48 hours just like credit card transactions. A check imager scanner reader is a great way to get a check guarantee program for your business to protect itself from any potential fraudelent check transactions.
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Check Conversion & Check Guarantee Program
Checking Rate : 1.39 %
Transaction Fee : .20 cents
Statement Fee : $ 10.00
Monthly Minimum : $ 15.00
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