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Credit Card Terminal - Nurit 2085

The Nurit 2085 credit card processing terminal reader is ideal at restaurant merchant accounts for Restaurant credit and debit card processing, guaranteed check acceptance, electronic benefits transfer (EBT), phone cards and other electronically submitted transactions including those made with Smart Chip Cards. The 2085 machine is user friendly and offers fast transaction speed thanks to its high-speed built-in thermal printer that also eliminates the need for costly ribbon replacement. The Nurit 2085 features a large, high contrast alphanumeric LCD display and menu-driven software that, together with four programmable function keys, allow users to access every feature of the terminal easily and quickly.  Setup your next retail or restaurant merchant account with a Nurit 2085 terminal.

Nurit Credit Card Processing Terminal Machine Point of Sale Equipment
  NURIT 2085
  NURIT 8320
  NURIT 8000
This extremely versatile nurit credit card processing machine reader includes a high speed internal modem, and quiet but fast thermal paper printer. It also has a magnetic card swipe reader, smart card scanner, and privacy shield. Merchant retailers with frequent debit card PIN transactions may prefer the convenient option of a credit card terminal plus external Pinpad for added customer security.

A multi-application credit card processing terminal supports the use of a multitude of applications, including EMV credit and debit, loyalty, gift and proprietary cards and enables value-added applications. Meeting all of the MasterCard and Visa PED requirements.
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The Nurit 8000 wireless credit card scanner is a handheld terminal that enables fast, secure mobile credit card processing transactions for merchants. The terminal supports a variety of cellular networks including GSM/GPRS. The Nurit 8000 wireless credit card processing terminal reader includes an easy-to-load thermal printer, a touchscreen, built-in Pinpad, and EMV smart card reader. The Nurit 8000 portable credit card machine processing reader terminal assures continuous wireless credit card processing payment transactions. Take your business with you everywhere you go with a Nurit 8000 portable credit card processing terminal payment reader system.
Nurit credit card processing machine terminal systems have advanced GPRS wireless mobile and portable reader options and are a leader in the Merchant Services industry. Nurit credit card terminals are great for restaurant merchant accounts as well. Nurit terminals have thermal impact printers, Pinpads, and smart card readers.The Nurit name is the undisputed wireless credit card scanner market leader. We offer a complete line of Nurit terminals, each offering our customers functionality to meet their specific needs. From simple transaction processing to the highest standards in security and mobile credit card processing services.
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point of sale credit card processing POS machine terminal equipment systems for a restaurant, retail, bar, liquor store, salon, hospitality, pizza place, kiosk, supermarket and grocery business.
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