Refurbished Credit Card Processing Machine Terminals
  TRANZ  330
Refurbished terminals are just as good as new credit card terminals with Total Merchant Services. A refurbished terminal is a cost effective piece of equipment for a new business. Refurbished credit card terminals are great for a back-up machine or as a second terminal for a large retail store. Total Merchant Services offers the best prices on all refurbished credit card terminal equipment. Verifone Omni Tranz Hypercom & Nurit.
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The VeriFone Tranz 330 is the most popular credit card terminal in the United States. More merchants have used the Tranz 330 credit card processing machine then any other terminal. It can accept all of the major credit cards. It’s simple operation is perfect for small merchants, yet many larger merchants use the Tranz 330 as well. Add a P250 or P900 printer and a Pinpad 1000 for a complete credit card processing system. We suggest that Mo/To or Mail Order Telephone Order merchant accounts are setup through this credit card processing equipment or with our virtual terminal software.

Compact and easy to use, the Zon Jr XL credit card terminal performs fast, efficient credit card verification, check guarantee, and data capture for specialty and convenience stores, gas stations, and other retailers.

The Zon Jr XL  cc processing terminal point of sale equipment hardware supports standard credit authorization and check guarantee as well as a wide assortment of data capture and applications running on most major networks.

So easy to use you can bring a new clerk up to speed in minutes, Zon Jr XL displays large, legible numbers and letters. It provides simple, clear-cut prompts that guide users through each transaction. And it is available with custom keypad overlays that are designed specially for your applications

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