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Ingenico i6550 POS
Retail POS Ingenico i6550 Credit Card Terminal Machine System
Accept all major credit card payments at your retail business location with the Ingenico i6550 POS system credit card terminal. The Ingenico i6550 pinpad makes pin based debit card entry or any other keyboard functions easy. The retail based Ingenico terminal supports credit card processing, gift cards, signature capture, and has many other features. The Ingenico i6550 point of sale credit card processing machine equipment solution will integrate with EPN inventory management software. This will enable your business the ability to track and manage inventory with credit card processing sales.
The Ingenico i6550 POS credit card machine was designed to accomplish the fastest and most secure customer checkout possible.The Ingenico i6550 point of sale equipment solution is secure Visa PED compliant and Triple DES capable. The Ingenico i6550 will process credit card payments through eProcessing Network secure payment gateway.
Ingenico i6550 : $ 419.95   (plus tax & shipping)

ePNJPOS Software License : $ 30.00

Signature Capture Setup Fee : $ 75.00     (+ .03 cents per signature capture transaction)

Qualified Discount Rate : 1.49%

Communication Fee : .05 Cents                (+.05 cents per gateway transaction)

Monthly Service Fee : $ 5.00

Payment Gateway Fee: $ 5.00
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