eCheck.Net is a payment solution that allows online and traditional merchants to accept and process electronic check payments either directly from their Websites storefront or through the Authorize.Net Virtual credit card terminal system..

eCheck.Net, customers pay for a purchase with an electronic check by selecting the electronic check option and entering the requested bank account information. eCheck.Net encrypts the data using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 3.0 encryption technology, and transmits it to the secure server for posting. Transactions are automatically settled each day. Authorize.Net initiates a debit to the consumer's checking account via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) and then transfers collected funds to the merchant's account. The eCheck.Net system notifies merchants of failed debit attempts, including “Not Sufficient Funds” returns.

Traditional merchants without Ecommerce enabled websites can also use eCheck.Net to handle periodic billing. Health clubs, tanning salons, subscription services, ISPs, membership companies and health care practitioners are all examples of businesses that regularly deduct funds from customers' checking accounts. Of course, written customer authorization is always required, and merchants must apply to be approved for the eCheck.Net service prior to performing these types of transactions.

Enables merchants to obtain payment via direct debit from their customers’ bank accounts.
Initiates a seven-business-day payment fulfillment cycle once a transaction is cleared.
Appears on a customer’s bank statement as "ECHECK TRANSACTION XXXXXXXXXX," where the Xs represent a 10-character abbreviation of the merchant’s business name.

Merchants should note the following
It is not possible to process electronic check transactions over the Internet in real time. The only way to debit a shopper’s checking account in real time is for the shopper to initiate a credit card transaction with a debit card.
Authorize.Net is the acquirer of eCheck.Net transactions and sets all processing volumes and levels for a merchant. 

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