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The Veirfone Printer 250 delivers higher performance for businesses. The P250 printer uses the same commonly available three-inch wide paper. The P250 prints receipts at a speedy 2.1 lines per second in two colors. The Printer 250 is perfectly suited for medium transaction volume merchants who need a reliable unit to print receipts. All Verifone printers are compatible with all Verifone terminals.

The standard for performance, reliability and adaptability. The Verifone Printer 250 meets the needs of more merchants than any other point-of-sale printer.

Can interface with non-Verifone cc terminals.

Uses easy-to-change drop-in ribbon cartridges Verifone Printer 250. 

Verifone Printer P-900  

The Printer 900 is Verifone's fastest printer and is perfect for businesses that have high transaction volumes. By adding a separate motor for paper advance and a print head that prints in both directions, the Printer 900 prints at 3.7 lines per second. The P900 has a print head life expectancy of 100 million characters, and a mechanism reliability of 2.5 million lines mean cycle between failure so it is one of the most reliable and fastest printers on the market. The P900 use commonly available three-inch wide rolls of paper. 

The Manual Imprinter takes an Imprint of the card and makes a receipt . If you have a business where you deliver goods on delivery and ask for a credit card you would need this as a receipt of the card being present. It would help on Big Ticket Items to get an Imprint of the card in order to show the presence of the card being there.

For each in-person sale that you make you will want to imprint the customer's credit card on a manual sales draft using a manual imprinter. Known in the old days as a "Knucklebuster" by many merchants because of their poor design, the new imprinters are designed for ease of use and safety.

The main reason why you will want to imprint the customer's credit card and have them sign the sales draft is because this will allow you to meet the requirements of major credit card providers should the customer attempt to dispute that the sale took place. By imprinting the card you can prove that the customer was physically present and authorized the sale. This will help eliminate the customer charging back the sale and will provide you a written record of the transaction.

Credit card terminal printers are characterized by speed, efficiency and ease of use, Verifone point-of-sale receipt printers work seamlessly with our payment systems to generate two-, three- and even four-part receipts. Choose from a selection of roll printers, thermal printers and sprocket printers to get the unit that satisfies your store's needs. We have a variety of printers new & refurbished that will connect to your POS cc terminal machine hardware. Manual Imprinters "knucklebusters" available.

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