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Do you have funds beyond your monthly business expenses...
Equipment upgrades ?
Crucial improvements ?
Your plans for expansion ?
New promotions and advertising ?
Anything else that will grow your business ?
Your Cash Advance is based on a monthly average of your business merchant credit card processing sales volume.
Get a cash advance now for your business. A merchants funding is based on your past & future merchant services credit card processing sales volume. We collect a small previously agreed upon percentage of your daily credit card processing sales. Cash in advance is not a credit card processing loan but a cash advance to a merchant from your future credit card receivables. There is no in depth credit check. We can get your business the working capital it needs fast of up to 125% of your monthly merchant services sales average. If your business is in need of working capital financing then Cash on Demand is your cash advance company. Contact us for an analysis of your businesses potential to receive a cash advance. Cash on Demand is a business cash advance opportunity that any merchant can utilize to help expand there restaurant or retail storefront business with extra cash !
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Cash Advance Services

Working Business Capital Merchant Cash Advance Services
Banks refuse credit to Small Businesses as much as 92% of the time, how are you as a merchant going to successfully stimulate yours?
Business Cash Advance - Working Capital - Merchant Cash Advance
Working Business Capital
Cash on Demand is not a loan through your Credit Card Processing but a Cash Advance for your business
General Overview of Required Documentation for your Cash Advance Approval :

1. (4) Most Recent Credit Card Processing Statements from current Merchant Account Provider.

2. Copy of your Commercial Lease Agreement.  (Must Be Current on Lease)

3. Copy of the Articles of Incorporation.

4. Copy of Driver's License for all Guarantors.
Please fill in the application for a cash advance and fax it to Cash on Demand at : 1.866.596.1039
Cash Advance Company
Cash On Demand
Cash On Demand
In order to give you an estimated amount of Cash that we can advance your business, you must send in (4) months of credit card processing statements with the one page pre-qualification form for a review proposal.
We will contact you within 24 hours giving you a purchase price Cash Advance quote for your business !
Cash On Demand
Cash On Demand
Working Business Capital
Cash Advance Working Capital based on Business Credit Card Merchant Services
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